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We would be delighted
to help you join freemasonry

Wellfield Lodge is nearly 100 years old but the average age of our newest members is less than 40 years old, some of them in fact are in their 20's. We meet four times a year at Freemasons' Hall and we dine after our meetings at a hotel in Russell Square where we hold our festive board, completing our meeting with speeches, toasts and friendly conversation.

If you are interested in joining freemasonry we would be delighted to meet with you and tell you more about freemasonry and more about Wellfield Lodge.

When and where
Wellfield Lodge meets

Wellfield Lodge meets four times a year on the second Thursday of February, April, September and December at Freemasons' Hall in London near Covent Garden. As well as these four formal meetings we meet, less formally, in the weeks preceeding them to rehearse our ceremonies.

We also use these less formal meetings as an oportunity to meet potential new members and answer the questions they may have and to tell them more about freemasonry and, more importantly, more about Wellfield Lodge in particular.

Come along to one of these less formal meetings and meet some of our members, use the contact form on the last page of this website and we'll contact you and arrange a time and date. We would love to introduce you to Freemasonry.

Please call, email or write to our secretary

Alan Grove
020 8868 9220
Alan Grove
22 Curzon Place
Pinner HA5 2TQ

What our members say
about Wellfield Lodge

"I joined Wellfield Lodge less than a year ago and I'm loving every minute of it. A friend in my office intoduced me to some members and it all went from there. I just wish he'd mentioned it 10 years ago".
Peter, Wellfield member.

"I joined freemasony over 20 years ago and I became the Worshipful Master of the Wellfield Lodge just over eight years ago. It was one of the most memorable events of my life. When I came home after the ceremony my wife said I didn't stop smiling for a week".
Robert, Wellfield member.

"I joined the Wellfield Lodge a couple of years ago. My dad was a freemason although I didn't know anything about his lodge because he died when I was in my early teens. Now I know more about why he joined freemasonry and I'm sure he's looking down at me saying, well done son".
Andrew, Wellfield member.

Please contact our secretary
and he'll contact you